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Individual Hotel

"The module Meeting allows us to best organise all our events.”

Giulio Bonizzato, CEO Hotel Parchi del Garda.

HOTELCUBE, thanks to its Rate Management and Revenue Management functions, is the best solution to optimise your revenues and solve any problem in connection with the management and the administration of your business. In addition, thanks to our assistance service 365 days a year and the Cloud, you will be able to manage all sections and services easily wherever you are


Hotels Cluster

hotel cluster hotelcube

"The diversified rates are the secret of our success".

Daniele Busi, General Manager Cluster Hotels.

Choose the power and the reliability of HOTELCUBE Multi Property, and you will be able to control a whole hotel cluster with just one click. You will also be able to manage an only customer and company list for all your facilities. You will always have all the reservations in check with the coordination centre. Try the management software that grows up with your business.


Resort - Holiday Village

"HOTELCUBE is the PMS we were looking for: an innovative and flexible solution"

Emilio Ramundo, sales & marketing manager Buone Vacanze Hotels&Resorts.

Try the perfect software for resort and tourist villages management. With HOTELCUBE the customer can estimate online and book it with one click. The software has a unique web check-in service. You can manage your vouchers, packages, and shifts between cabin with the SPA tool. Discover the perfect payments system integration with the points of sale.



hotel cluster hotelcube

"HOTELCUBE allows us to easily manage Day Use and Day Break."

Maria Dragonetti, Director of the Emotional Grand Motel.

The Motel module allows any kind of hotel to easy manage the Day Use and Day Break. A growing trend in the hotel market, which is not just about motels, managing Day Use is a unique opportunity to make your business grow.


Residences - Hostels

"Thanks to HOTELCUBE we can change the booking of a single bed from one room to another, and monitor the availability both by room and by bed."

Eva Maria Grimaldi, Chief Operating Officer of In Domus- Residenze Universitarie Milano.

The bed management module simplify and speeds up the work to the facilities that need to be able to book both the entire room and each single bed, constantly monitoring the situation and managing the occupation of its facility as best as possible.


Small Hotel - B&B

b&b hotelcube

"The checkout has never been so easy and fast"

Sharon Zini, manage of small three-star hotel in Livigno

The perfect solution for your B&B or your small hotel is HOTELCUBE Smart. A user-friendly software, easy to install and equipped with all the functionalities you need for your everyday hotel management.